The Art of Lee Mims
Oil on Canvas, Linen and Wood Panels
401 East Main Street
Clayton, NC  27520
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Open Tuesday 10-7, Wednesday - Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-1
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Like many self-taught artists, I started painting as a diversion from my career which changed after my children were born from being a geologist to being a horse trainer. Soon requests from friends for portraits of their children, horses and various pets led me to start a small studio. That was twenty-five years and many portraits ago. My clientele includes doctors, judges, educators, businessmen and women, a United States Senator and lots of children.Around my twelfth year of painting primarily horses and portraits, I felt the need to expand my painting to include other subjects and started painting wildlife and landscapes.

I paint exclusively in oil on
canvas, linen or treated panels
and use only the finest quality
oils with the highest amount of
pigment available
on the market today to create
a work that I feel will endure for
generations to come.
"Being a field geologist not only deepened to my appreciation of the natural world but, by studying the elements, the chemistry involved in geology, I gained a deeper understanding of pigments and how to mix them and use them to achieve the effects I constantly strive for today, an approximation of life."
Lee Mims
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